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Creating Combo with Images and Checkboxes

Combo supports two special types:

  • image
  • checkbox
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Setting combo type

There are two ways of combo intialization:

  • from selectbox
  • in html container.

In first case the type is set by the "opt_type" attribute of the <select> tag:

<select opt_type="checkbox" style="width:200px;"  id="combo_zone" name="alfa">
    var combo = dhtmlXComboFromSelect("combo_zone");

When combo is initialized using dhtmlXCombo(...), you can define the type as follows:

<div id="combo_zone1" style="width:200px;"></div>
    var combo = new dhtmlXCombo("combo_zone1","alfa1",200,"image");

Type "checkbox"

The option can be marked as checked with the help of one of the following methods:

  • in the xml:
    <option value="some value" checked="1">some text</option>
  • by the setChecked(option_index,mode) method:
    /*the 4th and 7th options are checked*/

The array with values of selected options can be received by the getChecked() method:

var checked_array = combo.getChecked();

Type "image"

Image path is set by the "img_src" attribute:

  <option value="some value" img_src="some.gif">some text</option>

The setDefaultImage(src) method allows setting the default image:

  var combo = new dhtmlXCombo("combo_zone","alfa",200,"image");
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