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Migration from 3.6 to 4.0

1) In the new version of DHTMLX Library the names of some methods were changed. We've made these changes as the previous names of the methods under question didn't reflect their functionality precisely, which could cause ambiguity or misunderstanding.

2) Since the release of the latest version of DHTMLX library some functionality has been removed. It was made as this functionality is no longer needed and therefore isn't supported.

Up to version 3.6From version 4.0
Function names changed
new dhtmlXColorPickerInput()new dhtmlXColorPicker()
myColorPicker.setOnSelectHandler(function(){})myColorPicker.attachEvent("onSelect", function(){})
myColorPicker.setOnCancelHandler(function(){})myColorPicker.attachEvent("onCancel", function(){})
Functionality was removed
myColorPicker.init()inited automatically
myColorPicker.setImagePath(path)no longer used
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