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dhtmlXColorPicker API

attachEvent adds any user-defined handler to available events
close closes dhtmlXColorPicker
detachEvent detaches a handler from an event
dhtmlXColorPickerInput adds dhtmlXColorPicker to some inputs
getCustomColors returns user's custom colors saved in the memory panel
getSelectedColor gets the selected color
hide hides dhtmlXColorPicker
hideMemory hides the panel with the last used colors
hideOnSelect hides dhtmlXColorPicker after the user has chosen a color from the palette and pressed the "Select "button (or double-clicked on a color in the palette)
init object initialization
isVisible returns the state of dhtmlXColorPicker (visible or invisible)
linkTo links dhtmlXColorPicker to some area
loadUserLanguage sets a new language interface for dhtmlXColorPicker
setColor selects the defined color
setCustomColors defines user's custom colors
setImagePath sets a path to images
setOnCancelHandler sets the function called when selection is cancelled
setOnSelectHandler sets the function called when color is selected (before closing)
setPosition shows dhtmlXColorPicker in the specified position
setSkin sets a skin for dhtmlXColorPicker
show shows dhtmlXColorPicker
showMemory shows the panel with the last used colors
unload destructor. Unloads dhtmlXColorPicker instance and clears memory
onCancel fires on clicking the "Cancel" button
onChange fires when the user selects a new color in the palette
onHide fires after the dhtmlXColorPicker has closed
onSaveColor fires on saving a custom color in the memory area
onSelect fires after the user has selected a color and pressed the "Select" button
onShow fires after dhtmlxColorPicker has opened
i18n defines a collection of language settings
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