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addCheckbox adds a new checkbox, sibling/child mode
addContextZone adds a context zone to a context menu
addNewChild adds a new child item
addNewSeparator adds a new separator
addNewSibling adds a new sibling item
addRadioButton adds a new radio button, sibling/child mode
attachEvent adds any user-defined handler to available events
clearAll clears all the loaded items
clearHref removes HREF from an item and returns the item to default onClick behavior
clearItemImage removes both enabled and disabled item images
detachEvent detaches a handler from an event
enableDynamicLoading enables dynamic loading of sublevels
enableEffect sets animation for a context menu
forEachItem iterator, calls a user-defined handler function for each item
getCheckboxState returns true, if a checkbox is checked
getCircuit returns an array of ids from the topmost parent to the chosen item
getContextMenuHideAllMode returns the state of the "hide all" context menu mode
getHotKey returns item's hot-key (just the text label)
getItemImage returns item's images for enabled and disabled modes
getItemPosition returns item's position in the current polygon
getItemText returns item's text
getItemType returns item type by id
getParentId returns the id of the item's parent
getRadioChecked returns the id of the checked radio button in the group
getTooltip returns current tooltip text of a menu item
getUserData returns an item's userdata
hide hides any open menu polygons
hideContextMenu usercall to hide a context menu
hideItem hides an item
isContextZone checks whether an object is used as a context zone for the menu
isItemEnabled checks whether an item is enabled
isItemHidden checks whether an item is hidden
loadFromHTML loads menu data from an HTML file and calls onLoadFunction when loading is done
loadStruct loads data to the component via XML or JSON, usually component config
loadXML loads menu data from an XML file and calls the onLoadFunction when the loading is done
loadXMLString loads menu data from an XML string and calls onLoadFunction when loading is done
removeContextZone removes an object from the list of context zones
removeItem removes an item with all its nested sublevels from the menu
renderAsContextMenu renders a menu as a context one
serialize serializes menu structure to an XML object
setAlign sets menu's top level align
setAutoHideMode sets to false to prevent hiding a context menu by click
setAutoShowMode sets to false to prevent showing a context menu by a click
setCheckboxState sets a checkbox's state (checked/unchecked)
setContextMenuHideAllMode if set to true, the method will hide all the opened context menu polygons on mouseout
setHotKey sets menu hot-key (just text label)
setHref sets HREF to an item; overwrites the old one if it exists
setIconPath defines the url to the folder where the user-defined icons are located
setIconsPath defines the url to the folder where the user-defined icons are located
setIconset sets the font awesome iconset
setImagePath sets path to images
setItemDisabled disables an item
setItemEnabled enables an item
setItemImage sets an image for an item
setItemPosition sets a new item's position in the current polygon (moves an item inside the single level)
setItemText sets a text for an item
setOpenMode sets the opening mode for a menu
setOverflowHeight sets the maximum number of visible items in polygons
setRadioChecked checks a radio button inside of the group
setSkin changes the skin of the menu
setTooltip sets a tooltip for a menu item
setTopText sets a top level additional text (for a usual menubar)
setUserData sets user data for an item
setVisibleArea sets an area where a menu can appear
setWebModeTimeout sets timeout for hiding a menu ("web" mode only)
showContextMenu a usercall to show a context menu
showItem shows an item
unload unloads a menu from the page (destructor)
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