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loads menu data from an HTML file and calls onLoadFunction when loading is done

void loadFromHTML(HTMLElement object,boolean clearAfterAdd,function onLoadFunction);


objectHTMLElementHTML data container
clearAfterAddbooleantrue/false, removes the container object after the data is loaded
onLoadFunctionfunctionis called after the data is loaded (but before clearing HTML content, if clearAfterAdd is set to true)


<!-- add div on the page -->
  <div id="menuData" style="display: none;">  
    <div id="m1" text="File"> // the first top menu item
       <div id="m11" text="New" <hotkey>Ctrl+N</hotkey></div>// the first child item
       <div id="ms1" type="separator"></div> // a separator 
       <div id="m12" text="Open"><hotkey>Ctrl+O</hotkey></div> // the second child item  
//init menu
    menu.loadFromHTML("menuData", true, function(){});
    // or
    function doOnLoad(){
        // your code here
    menu.loadFromHTML("menuData", true, doOnLoad)

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