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addItem adds an item to the form
adjustParentSize adjusts the parent's size to the form content
attachEvent adds any user-defined handler to available events
checkItem checks a checkbox or a radio button
clear clears the list of files
clearBackup deletes the specified backup
clearNote removes the note block from an input or a radio button
clearValidation removes all validation rules from an input
detachEvent detaches a handler from an event
disableItem disables an item
enableItem enables an item
enableLiveValidation sets the mode when validation is invoked just after an input goes out of focus
forEachItem iterator, calls a user-defined handler for each item
getCalendar returns dhtmlxCalendar instance
getCheckedValue returns the value of the checked radio button
getColorPicker returns dhtmlxColorPicker instance
getColumnNode returns the DOM node of the specified column
getCombo returns dhtmlxCombo instance
getContainer returns the HTMLElement object of the container control
getEditor returns dhtmlxEditor instance
getFirstActive returns the first element of the form
getForm returns dhtmlxForm instance
getFormData returns a hash of data values
getInput returns item object (input, textarea, password, calendar, colorpicker, hidden only)
getItemLabel returns the label of an item
getItemText returns the text of an item
getItemType returns the type of an item
getItemValue returns the value of an item
getItemWidth returns the width of an item set either by init or by the [setItemWidth()](setItemWidth) method
getItemsList returns an array with the names of the form's items
getOptions returns the options of an item (select, multiselect only)
getSelect returns an item's object (select, multiselect only)
getUploader returns the uploader instance
getUploaderStatus returns the status of uploading
getUserData returns any user data set into the given input by the setUserData() method
hideItem hides an item
isItem returns "true" if an item exists
isItemChecked returns "true" if an item is checked (a checkbox and a radio button only)
isItemEnabled returns "true" if an item is enabled
isItemHidden returns "true" if an item is hidden
isLocked returns "true" if the form is locked
isReadonly returns "true" if an item is readonly
load loads data to the component via XML or JSON, usually data-values pairs
loadStruct loads data to the component via XML or JSON, usually component config
loadStructHTML loads dhtmlxForm from HTML form structure
loadStructString loads XML string into dhtmlxForm instance
lock locks the form (disables all the items)
reloadOptions reloads options of the item (combo, select, multiselect only)
removeColumn removes the specified item
removeItem removes an item
reset resets the items of the form saved by means of the load or save methods to their initial states
resetDataProcessor sets the mode of saving, if Form is used together with DataProcessor
resetValidateCss resets CSS treatment of the form's validation
restoreBackup restores the specified backup
save saves the form's data in DB
saveBackup creates a backup of the form
send saves data to the server side script
setCalendarDateFormat sets the format of date presentation in the calendar input
setFocusOnFirstActive moves the focus on the first form's element
setFontSize sets the font size for the whole form
setFormData sets values for all items (form's controls) in the component
setItemFocus sets the keyboard focus on the specified item
setItemHeight sets the height of a textarea
setItemLabel sets the label of an item
setItemText sets the text of an item
setItemValue sets the value of an item or clears the list in uploader (if the 2nd param is omitted)
setItemWidth sets the width of an item
setNote adds the note block under the specified input
setNumberFormat allows setting the format of numeric data (for inputs only)
setReadonly makes an item readonly
setRequired makes/unmakes a certain field required
setSkin sets skin for a form
setTooltip sets a tooltip for an item
setUserData allows attaching user data to a form without modifying the DOM
setValidateCss sets CSS treatment of the form validation
setValidation adds a validation rule to the input with the specified name
showItem shows an item
uncheckItem unchecks an item (a checkbox or a radio button only)
unload destructor, removes the form instance and cleans the used memory
unlock unlocks the form (enables all the items)
updateValues updates the inputs' values
validate starts the form's validation
validateItem invokes the validation of the specified item
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