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saves data to the server side script

void send(string url, [string mode,function callback,boolean skipValidation] );


urlstringthe server-side script which will receive info
modestringoptional, the sending mode, can be "get" or "post" (the default one)
callbackfunctionoptional, the method which will be called after saving
skipValidationbooleanoptional, set true to skip validation before request (false by default)


var callback = function() {
    // your code here
// post
myForm.send("1.php", callback);
// get
myForm.send("1.php", "get", callback);
// post
myForm.send("1.php", "post", callback);


The method is purposed to be used with connectors on the server side. Names of parameters on the server side are equal to the values of the "name" attributes on the client side.

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