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removes the specified item

void removeColumn(string|number pId,number index,boolean removeItems,boolean moveAfter);


pIdstring|numberthe parent item's id, i.e. the id of the existing item which has a subform with columns ("null" for the top item)
indexnumberindex of newcolumn
removeItemsbooleantrue/false, by default false
moveAfterbooleantrue/false, by default false


myForm.removeColumn(pId, index, removeItems, moveAfter);


If the parent item doesn't have any columns, deleting is impossible.

Set the removeItems param to "true" to delete items inside of the column, otherwise items will be moved to the column before (or to the next column if you're deleting the 1st one).

If removeItems is set to "false", the moveAfter param moves items to the next column (prev column if you're deleting last one).

For radio buttons you must specify the pId parameter as an array with 2 elements:

  • id - the radio button's id
  • value - the radio button's value
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