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addOption adds a new option
allowFreeText defines whether a combo accepts any entered text or the options from the list only
attachChildCombo grouping combos
attachEvent adds any user-defined handler to available events
clearAll removes all options from combobox
closeAll closes an opened combobox list
confirmValue confirms the entered value
deleteOption deletes option by value
destructor destroys the object and any related HTML elements
detachEvent detaches a handler from an event
disable disables a combobox
disableAutocomplete disables the automatic filling of the combo text field
enable enables a combobox
enableAutocomplete enables the automatic filling of the combo text field
enableFilteringMode enables the filtering mode
enableOptionAutoHeight enables or disables auto height of the list. The method can't be used with dynamic loading.
enableOptionAutoPositioning enables or disables options auto positioning
enableOptionAutoWidth enables or disables auto width of options. The method can't be used with dynamic loading.
filter filters combo
forEachOption iterator, calls a user-defined handler function for each option
getActualValue gets value which will be sent to a server once the form is submitted
getBase returns a combo's main DOM element
getButton returns a div DOM element used for a button
getChecked gets the list of the checked options' values
getComboText gets the current text of combobox
getIndexByValue returns the index of an option by value
getInput returns a div DOM element used for an input
getList returns a div DOM element used for a list
getOption gets an option by value
getOptionByIndex gets an option by index
getOptionByLabel gets option by label
getOptionsCount returns the number of combo options
getParent returns the parent of a DOM element where a combo is initialized
getSelectedIndex gets index of the selected option
getSelectedText gets text of the selected option
getSelectedValue gets value of the selected item
hide the method hides the whole combo control
isChecked checks whether a combobox's item is checked
isEnabled checks whether a combobox is enabled
isVisible checks whether a combobox is visible
load loads data to the component via XML or JSON, usually data-values pairs
loadXML loads the list of options from XML
loadXMLString loads the list of options from XML string
openSelect opens the list of options
readonly switches to readonly mode
render enables/disables rendering immediately after changes have been made in combobox
selectOption selects an option
setAutoSubCombo grouping combos
setChecked sets the option checked
setComboText sets some text in a combobox
setComboValue sets some value in combobox
setDefaultImage sets the default image
setFilterHandler sets a custom function for filtering
setFocus sets focus on the selected option (displayed in the input field)
setFontSize sets different font sizes for an entered text and for list options text
setImagePath sets the path to the folder with icons
setName sets the name used during the form submitting
setOptionHeight sets the height of combo list
setOptionIndex changes a single option's position
setOptionWidth sets the minimal width for combo list
setPlaceholder sets a placeholder for a combo input
setSize changes the control's size
setSkin sets a skin for a combobox
setTemplate sets a template for an input and options text in the combobox
show shows combobox ( reverse to the hide command )
sort sorts listed options
unSelectOption unselects the option selected in the list
unload destructor, unloads the combo
updateOption updates the specified option in the combo box
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