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enables the filtering mode

void enableFilteringMode(string|boolean mode, [string url,boolean cache,boolean autoSubLoad] );
modestring|booleanthe filtering mode (true for the 'start' mode or 'between', see the details)
urlstringurl for filtering from XML, optional
cachebooleanXML caching, optional
autoSubLoadbooleanenables autoloading of additional suggestions on selecting the last loaded option


myCombo.enableFilteringMode(mode, url, cache, autoSubload);

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The 'between' value sets the mode when the combo searches for any occurrence of the typed text in items (in contrast to the 'start' mode that performs searching from the item's beginning).
Also the 'between' mode isn't supported by dhtmlxConnector. So, if you've decided to use it and deal with the server, you will need to provide a fully custom server-side solution.

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