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Message Box Types

dhtmlxMessage offers the following variations at your disposal: alert, confirm and message.

The subtypes of these message boxes are presented below. As you can see, the subtypes differ just by their apperance.

Read the chapter "Working with Message Boxes" to learn how to set one of the types (subtypes) or define your own one.

Alert Message Box

  • alert

  • alert-warning

  • alert-error

Confirm Message Box

  • confirm

  • confirm-warning

  • confirm-error

Message Box


The message boxes can be used with 3 different skins:

  • skyblue

Related sample:  Skin dhx_skyblue

  • web

Related sample:  Skin dhx_web

  • terrace

Related sample:  Skin dhx_terrace

The skin is specified at the 'dhtmlxSuite' compilation stage.

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