Loading from HTML Object

loadFromHTML() method loads content from HTML object to the menu. First, the user should create this HTML object. For example:

  <div id="menuData" style="display: none;">  
     <div id="m1" text="File"> // the first top menu item
        <div id="m11" text="New"><hotkey>Ctrl+N</hotkey></div>  //the first child item
        <div id="ms1" type="separator"></div> // a separator    
        <div id="m12" text="Open"><hotkey>Ctrl+O</hotkey></div> //the second child item  

Then loadFromHTML() should be applied with the following parameters:

  • objectId - id of data container ("menuData" in our case);
  • clear - true/false, removes HTML object after data was loaded, if this parameter is set to true;
  • onLoadFunction - a user-defined handler, which will be called, when the data is loaded (optional).
myMenu.loadFromHTML("menuData", true, function(){
    alert("Menu was loaded from HTML Object.");
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