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Grid allows using transactions for data INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE operations (make sure that the used DB engine has support for transactions).

They can be enabled in 2 modes:

1) global

connector.Request.TransactionMode = TransactionMode.PerRequest;

One request - one big common transaction

  • Component uses single transaction for all records inside single request.
  • If any operation fails, all record operations will be rolled back, all updated rows will be returned with error status
  • If custom validation was assigned and has blocked any record - all records inside of the request will be blocked

2) record

connector.Request.TransactionMode = TransactionMode.PerRecord;

Separate transactions per record

  • Component uses separate transactions for each record in request
  • If any operation fails, it will not affect other operations

To cancel transactions:

connector.Request.TransactionMode = TransactionMode.None;
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