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addDraggableNode adds a draggable node to vault
addFileRecord adds a new file record to vault
attachEvent adds any user-defined handler to available events
clear clears the list of files
create creates vault html control on page
detachEvent detaches a handler from an event
disable makes Vault inactive
enable makes Vault active
getData returns a list of already uploaded files
getFileExtension gets file extension from the filename
getMaxFileSize returns max file size (depending on server settings)
getSLVersion returns version of silverlight if installed
getStatus returns the status of uploading
load loads records from the server
onAddFile called when user has selected a file for uploading
onFileUploaded called after every file is uploaded
onUploadComplete called after all files are uploaded
readableSize converts the file size into a readable format
removeDraggableNode removes a draggable node
setAutoRemove immediately removes uploaded file from list (false by default)
setAutoStart immediately start uploading after file added to list (true by default)
setDownloadURL sets the url to the server for downloading files
setFilesLimit controls the number of files allowed to be added to list
setFormField adds or removes custom field
setHeight sets the height of the control parent node
setImagePath sets relative path to the images folder
setMaxFileSize sets a limit for max size of a file to upload
setProgressMode sets the mode of displaying progress status
setSLURL sets the path to the server script file for silverlight mode
setSWFURL sets the path to the server script file for flash mode
setServerHandlers defines server-side handlers for vault
setSizes adjust control size if dimension of parent node was changed
setSkin applies skin to the Vault control
setStrings defines a collection of string resources
setURL sets the path to the server-side script
setWidth sets the width of the control parent node
unload destructor
upload starts uploading
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