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adds a draggable node to vault

void addDraggableNode(string|number|HTMLElement nodeId,object fileData);


nodeIdstring|number|HTMLElementid of the node or node DOM element
fileDataobjectfile data which will be sent to the server


// file data which will be sent to the server
var fileData = {
    name:   "price.xls",    // file name, mandatory
    size:   257412,         // file size, optional
    key_a:  "valueA",       // any custom key-value pairs
    key_b:  "valueB"
myVault.addDraggableNode("nodeId", fileData);

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This API page is for Vault v2.5. Please go to to see API reference for the current version of dhtmlxVault.

Change log

added in version 2.3

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