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onAfterCMove fires after the column has been moved to a new position
onAfterRowDeleted fires after a row has been deleted from the grid
onAfterSorting fires exactly after sorting has occured in the grid
onBeforeBlockSelected fires when the user starts selecting a block
onBeforeCMove fires when a column moving operation starts
onBeforeContextMenu fires immediately before showing a context menu
onBeforeDrag fires when the drag operation starts
onBeforeFormSubmit fires before submitting data to the form
onBeforePageChanged fires before the active page in the grid is changed (paging extension)
onBeforeRowDeleted fires right before a row is deleted
onBeforeSelect fires a moment before a row in the grid is selected
onBeforeSorting fires before data sorting is started
onBlockRightClick fires after clicking by the right mouse button on the selection block
onBlockSelected fires when some area is selected in the grid (block selection extension)
onCalendarShow fires when a calendar pops up in the grid
onCellChanged fires when a cell value has been changed by user actions or by API calls ( )
onCellMarked fires immediately after a cell has been selected
onCellUnMarked fires immediately after a cell is unselected
onCheck fires after the state of a checkbox has been changed
onCheckbox the event is deprecated, use the onCheck event instead; fires after the state was changed
onClearAll fires when the grid is cleared (reloaded)
onCollectValues fires after the values have been collected to fill the select filter
onColumnCollapse the event occurs after a group of columns has been collapsed
onColumnHidden fires after a column has been hidden (the setColumnHidden method has been called)
onDataReady fires when the data is loaded to the grid but hasn't been rendered yet
onDhxCalendarCreated fires on calendar's initialization on the page
onDistributedEnd fires on the end of distributed parsing
onDrag fires when an item is dragged to another target and the mouse is released, the event can be blocked
onDragIn fires when an item is dragged to a potential target (the event can be blocked)
onDragOut fires when an item is dragged out of the potential target (the event can be blocked)
onDrop fires when an item is already placed in its final position
onDynXLS fires before requesting additional data from the server in case of dynamic Smart Rendering or dynamic Paging
onEditCancel fires when the edit operation was canceled
onEditCell fires 1-3 times depending on cell's editability (see the stage parameter)
onEmptyClick fires on clicking the dhtmlxgrid area which is not filled with data
onEnter fires immediately after the Enter key was pressed
onFilterEnd fires when filtering is completed (filtering extension)
onFilterStart fires when filtering has been activated but before the real filtering started
onGridReconstructed fires immediately after a row has been added/deleted or the grid has been reordered
onGroup fires when a grid was grouped by some column
onGroupClick fires on clicking a group row (can be blocked)
onGroupStateChanged fires when a group was opened/closed
onHeaderClick fires right after the header has been clicked, before sorting or any other actions
onKeyPress fires after a key has been pressed but before the default key processing starts
onLastRow fires on pressing the Down-Arrow button while the last row of the page is selected
onLiveValidationCorrect fires when validation runs successfully
onLiveValidationError fires when validation runs and rules execution are failed
onMouseOver fires when the mouse pointer is moved over a cell
onPageChanged fires after the active page of the grid has been changed (paging extension)
onPaging fires each time when paging settings are changed (paging extension)
onResize fires on each resize iteration
onResizeEnd fires when resizing of a column is finished
onRightClick fires immediately after the right mouse button has been clicked on a grid's row
onRowAdded fires right after a row has been added to the grid
onRowCreated fires after a row has been created in the grid and filled with data
onRowDblClicked fires right after a row has been double clicked, before a cell editor is opened by a dbl click
onRowHide fires when the row is hiding
onRowIdChange fires after the ID of a row has been changed (changeRowId, setRowId, dataprocessor)
onRowInserted fires when the row is added to the grid and filled with data
onRowPaste fires for each row pasted from the clipboard (block selection extension)
onRowSelect fires immediately after a row in the grid has been clicked
onScroll fires immediately after scrolling has occured
onSelectStateChanged fires immediately when the selection state has been changed
onStatReady fires after the stat values have been calculated
onSubAjaxLoad fires when sub-row-ajax cell loads its data
onSubGridCreated fires when the creation of a sub-grid was initialized (can be blocked)
onSubRowOpen fires when a sub-row(sub-grid) was opened/closed
onSyncApply fires when data synchronization is finished
onTab fires during the tabulation in the grid, blockable
onUndo fires after the undo operation is implemented
onUnGroup fires when the grid was ungrouped
onValidationCorrect fires when validation runs successfully
onValidationError fires when validation runs and rules execution are failed
onXLE fires simultaneously with ending XML parsing, new items are already available in the grid
onXLS fires before sending the request for a new XML to the server
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