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fires when an item is dragged to another target and the mouse is released, the event can be blocked

boolean onDrag(string|number sId,string|number tId,object sObj,object tObj,number sInd,number tInd){ ... };


sIdstring|numberthe id of the source item
tIdstring|numberthe id of the target item
sObjobjectthe source grid object
tObjobjectthe target grid object
sIndnumberthe index of the column from which drag has started
tIndnumberthe index of the column in which drop occurs


booleantrue - confirms drag-and-drop, false - denies drag-and-drop

Available only in PRO Edition


grid.attachEvent("onDrag", function(sId,tId,sObj,tObj,sInd,tInd){
    // your code here


to get more info, read the article Drag-and-Drop Support

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