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appendObject attaches an object to a cell without clearing cell content
attachAccordion attaches dhtmlxAccordion to a cell
attachCarousel attaches a carousel object to a cell
attachChart attaches dhtmlxChart to a cell
attachDataView attaches dhtmlxDataView to a cell
attachEditor attaches dhtmlxEditor to a cell
attachForm attaches dhtmlxForm to a cell
attachGrid attaches dhtmlxGrid to a cell
attachHTMLString attaches HTML content to a cell
attachLayout attaches dhtmlxLayout to a cell
attachList attaches dhtmlxList to a cell
attachMap attaches Google Maps to a cell
attachMenu attaches dhtmlxMenu to a cell
attachObject attaches an HTML object to a cell
attachRibbon attaches dhtmlxRibbon to a cell
attachScheduler attaches dhtmlxScheduler to a cell
attachSidebar attaches dhtmlxSidebar to a cell
attachStatusBar attaches a status bar to a cell
attachTabbar attaches dhtmlxTabbar to a cell
attachToolbar attaches dhtmlxToolbar to a cell
attachTree attaches dhtmlxTree to a cell
attachTreeView attaches dhtmlxTreeView to a cell
attachURL attaches the specified URL to a cell
attachVault attaches dhtmlxVault to a cell
clearIcon clears (removes) cell's icon
close closes a cell (only header is visible)
detachMenu detaches dhtmlxMenu from a cell
detachObject detaches any attached content from a cell
detachRibbon detaches dhtmlxRibbon from a cell
detachStatusBar detaches status bar from a cell
detachToolbar detaches dhtmlxToolbar from a cell
dock docks content from the window to accordion cell
getAttachedMenu returns dhtmlxMenu instance attached to a cell
getAttachedObject returns the object attached to a cell
getAttachedRibbon returns dhtmlxRibbon instance attached to a cell
getAttachedStatusBar returns status bar object attached to a cell
getAttachedToolbar returns dhtmlxToolbar instance attached to a cell
getFrame returns an iframe object when an URL is attached to a cell
getId returns the id of a cell
getText returns cell's text
getViewName returns the name of the current view
hide hides cell
hideHeader hides the header of an accordion cell
hideMenu hides dhtmlxMenu attached to a cell
hideRibbon hides dhtmlxRibbon attached to a cell
hideStatusBar hides status bar object attached to a cell
hideToolbar hides dhtmlxToolbar attached to a cell
isHeaderVisible returns true if the header is visible
isOpened returns true if cell is opened
isVisible returns true if cell visible
moveOnTop moves cell to the top
open opens a cell
progressOff hides the progress indicator in a cell
progressOn shows the progress indicator in a cell
reloadURL reloads the attached URL in a cell
setHeight sets cell's height (multi mode only)
setIcon sets cell's icon (header's icon)
setText sets cell's text
show shows an item
showHeader shows a cell's header
showInnerScroll shows inner cell scrolls
showMenu shows dhtmlxMenu attached to a cell
showRibbon shows dhtmlxRibbon attached to a cell
showStatusBar shows status bar object attached to a cell
showToolbar shows dhtmlxToolbar attached to a cell
showView shows the specified view, creates a new one if it doesn't exist
undock undocks content from accordion cell to the window
unloadView unloads the specified view
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