Check documentation for the latest version of dhtmlxSuite attachLayout DHTMLX Docs


attaches dhtmlxLayout to a cell

dhtmlXLayoutObject attachLayout(string|object conf);
confstring|objectlayout pattern or api-init config
dhtmlXLayoutObjectdhtmlXLayoutObject instance


// pattern only
var myLayout = dhxComponent.cells(id).attachLayout("4H");
// api-init config
var myLayout = dhxComponent.cells(id).attachLayout({
    pattern: "4H",
    cells: [
        {id: "a", text: "Navigation", width: 100, header: false},
        {id: "b", text: "Advertisement", height: 100},
        {id: "c", text: "Main Page"},
        {id: "d", text: "Links", collapse: true}

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