dataProcessor API

clearVerificator cancels verifying of a column
defineAction defines a handler function for a specific response status
enableDataNames changes the default names of incoming parameters (c0-cN) to the columns' ids in the grid
enableDebug enables debug output
enablePartialDataSend enables mode when only updated properties will be sent to server side
enableUTFencoding set data escaping mode
getState returns state of item ( is updated or not )
getSyncState return state of dataprocessor
ignore exec block without triggering dataprocessor
init link dataprocessor to the component
sendData sends to the server side all data which aren't saved yet
setTransactionMode configures data sending mode
setUpdateMode defines the action that will trigger data saving
setUpdated marks item as updated
setVerificator specifies a column which values should be varified before sending to the server
url sets url to the server side data saving script
onAfterUpdate fires after receiving and processing server side response
onAfterUpdateFinish fires after receiving and processing ALL items in the response
onBeforeDataSending fires before data sending
onBeforeUpdate fires before data sending
onFullSync fires when all data saved and client and server is in sync
onRowMark fires before each attempt to mark the updated item
onValidationError fires after validation error before data sending
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