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Number formatting

Supported number formats

There are several number formats you can apply to format numeric values of cells:

Commonnumbers are displayed as is, with no formatting applied
Numbernumbers are displayed with tens, hundreds and thousands separated by specified delimiters
Currencynumbers are displayed with the currency sign ($)
Percentnumbers are displayed with the percent sign (%)
Datenumbers are displayed as dates in the specified format
Timenumbers are displayed as times in either 12 or 24-hour format
Textnumbers are displayed as text and exactly as you type them

How to set format

Follow the steps below to apply a particular number format to Spreadsheet data via the toolbar:

  • Select a cell or several cells that you want to format.
  • Click the Number format button:

Number format button

  • Select the format you want to apply among the suggested options:

Number format