Data Formatting

Color and style

The toolbar of dhtmlxSpreadSheet contains several sections with buttons for modifying the style of data in a cell.

What you can do:

  • change the color of a text and its background via color picker linked to the Text color button
  • change the color of text background via color picker linked to the Background color button
  • apply Bold, Italic and Underline styles to a text


You can use the corresponding toolbar controls to align data in a cell, as needed: along the left/right edges of a cell , or in its center.

Removing styles and values

To clear styles applied to data in a cell, or values entered into cells, or remove both data and formatting, you can choose one of the two ways:

1. via the toolbar button:

  • Choose necessary cell/cells.
  • Use the Clear button in the toolbar.
  • Choose the desired option in the drop-down list:

2. via the context menu of a cell:

  • Choose necessary cell/cells.
  • Right-click the selection to call the context menu.
  • Choose the Clear option and then select one of the options in the drop-down list:

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