addColumn adds a new column into the spreadsheet
addRow adds a new row into the spreadsheet
addSheet adds a new sheet into the spreadsheet
deleteColumn removes a column from the spreadsheet
deleteRow removes a row from the spreadsheet
eachCell iterates over cells in the spreadsheet
endEdit finishes editing in a cell
getActiveSheet returns the sheet that is currently active
getFormat gets the number format applied to the value of a cell
getFormula returns the formula of a cell
getSheets gets all sheets of the spreadsheet
getStyle returns styles applied to the spreadsheet cells
getValue returns the value(s) of a cell(s)
isLocked checks whether a cell is locked
load loads data from an external file
lock locks the specified cell
parse loads data into spreadsheet from a local data source
redo applies the reverted action once again
removeSheet removes a sheet from the spreadsheet by its id
serialize serializes data of spreadsheet into an array of JSON objects
setFormat sets a specified format to the value of a cell
setStyle applies styling to spreadsheet cells
setValue sets a value for a cell(s)
startEdit starts editing in a cell
undo reverts the latest action
unlock unlocks a locked cell
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