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checks whether a cell(s) is(are) locked

isLocked: (cell: string) => boolean;


cell: string - the id(s) of a cell(s) or a range of cells


True, if the cell is locked, false if it's unlocked.


// checks whether a cell is locked
var cellLocked = spreadsheet.isLocked("A1");

// checks whether several cells are locked
var rangeLocked = spreadsheet.isLocked("A1:C1");

// checks whether scattered cells are locked
var cellsLocked = spreadsheet.isLocked("A1,B5,B7,D4:D6");

1. If several cells are checked at once, the method will return true, if there is at least one locked cell among the specified cells.

2. Starting with v4.1, the reference to a cell or a range of cells can be specified in the following format:

var cellsLocked = spreadsheet.isLocked("sheet1!A2"); 

where sheet1 is the name of the tab.

In case the name of the tab isn't specified, the method will check the cell(s) of the active tab.