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Methods overview

addColumn() Adds a new column into the spreadsheet
addRow()Adds a new row into the spreadsheet
addSheet()Adds a new sheet into the spreadsheet
clear()Clears a spreadsheet
clearSheet()Clears a sheet
deleteColumn()Removes a column from the spreadsheet
deleteRow()Removes a row from the spreadsheet
eachCell()Iterates cells in the spreadsheet
endEdit()Finishes editing in the selected cell, closes editor and saves the entered value
fitColumn()adjusts the width of the column to match the longest value in the column
getActiveSheet()Returns the sheet that is currently active
getFilter()Returns an object with criteria specified for data filtering
getFormat()Returns the number format applied to the value of a cell
getFormula()Returns the formula of a cell
getSheets()Gets all sheets of the spreadsheet
getStyle()Returns styles applied to a cell(s)
hideSearch()hides the search bar
getValue()Returns the value(s) of a cell(s)
insertLink()inserts/removes a hyperlink in a cell
isLocked()Checks whether a cell(s) is(are) locked
load()Loads data from an external file
lock()Locks the specified cell
mergeCells()merges a range of cells into one or splits merged cells
parse()Loads data into spreadsheet from a local data source
redo()Applies the reverted action once again
removeSheet()Removes a sheet from the spreadsheet by its id
search()searches for cells by the specified parameters
serialize()Serializes data of spreadsheet into a JSON object
setActiveSheet()Sets the active sheet by its id
setFilter()Filters data in the spreadsheet by the specified criteria
setFormat()Sets a specified format to the value of a cell
setStyle()Sets style to a cell(s)
setValidation()Sets validation for cells via adding drop-down lists into the cells
setValue()Sets a value for a cell
startEdit()Starts editing in the selected cell
undo()Reverts the latest action
unlock()Unlocks a locked cell(s)