specifies sizes of the scheduler's elements

object xy;


scheduler.xy.scale_height = 25;//sets the height of the X-Axis
scheduler.init('scheduler_here',new Date(),"month");


The xy object has the following properties:

Property Description Default value Applicable views
bar_height the height of the task bars in the Month view 20 month
editor_width the width of the event's text input 140 day, week, units
lightbox_additional_height increases the length of the lightbox 50 all views
map_date_width the width of the date column in the Map view 188 map
map_description_width the width of the description column in the Map view 400 map
margin_left the left margin of the main scheduler area 0 all views
margin_top the bottom margin of the main scheduler area 0 all views
menu_width the width of the selection menu 25 day, week, units
min_event_height the minimal height of the event's box 40 day, week, units
month_scale_height the top offset of an event in a cell in the month view 20 month
scale_height the height of the X-Axis 20 all views
scale_width the width of the Y-Axis 50 day, week, timeline, units
scroll_width the width of the scrollbar area 18 all views

Note, all the xy' properties have the data type 'number'.

Illustration images

Month view

Week view

Day view

Map view

Change log
  • nav_height property was removed in v7.0, the toolbar can be sized by css.
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