The guidance information makes up the major part of the documentation and helps you in actual use of dhtmlxDiagram. The chapter is divided into task-oriented manuals that assist you in performing both simple and difficult, often and seldom used tasks. The articles come around key procedures and problem-solving activities.

Initialization & Configuration

Discusses how to add Diagram or Org Chart on a page, adjust its settings, load it with data, work with shapes and diagram in general, export a ready diagram into available formats.

Diagram Guides

Describes Diagram shapes and links types, introduces the appropriate data format, teaches how to customize look and feel of Diagram, and make use of the editor mode.

Organizational Chart Guides

Enumerates shapes and types of Org Chart, shows the data format suitable for the diagram of this type, as well as the ways of Org Chart customization, says how to use the editor mode.
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