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Exporting Diagram

You can easily export a diagram into the PDF or PNG format via the related pdf()/png() methods of the Export object:

To adjust the export settings, pass an object with configuration options to the necessary method.

Check the list of available settings:

Exporting styles‚Äč

By default, all css styles included to the Diagram page are sent to the export service when exporting the diagram. As a result, the size of the request increases that can cause the request to fail.

The library allows you:

  • to prevent all styles from being sent to the export service via setting the exportStyles configuration property of the Diagram object to false:
const diagram = new dhx.Diagram("diagram_container", { 
exportStyles: false
  • to define a set of styles that you want to be exported via setting absolute paths to the desired styles to the exportStyles array:

Note, that you must use only absolute paths not relative ones.