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It is possible to localize the interface of the Diagram editor into a desired language. For this, you need to provide the corresponding locale settings via the dhx.i18n.setLocale() method. The method takes two parameters: the diagram container and an object that contains rules of localization for a particular country.

//an example of English locale
const locale = {
applyAll: "Apply all",
exportData: "Export Data",
importData: "Import Data",
resetChanges: "Reset Changes",
autoLayout: "Auto Layout",,
orthogonal: "Orthogonal", // added in v5.0
radial: "Radial", // added in v5.0

shapeSections: "Shapes",
groupSections: "Groups",
swimlaneSections: "Swimlanes",

gridStep: "Grid step",
arrange: "Arrange",
position: "Position",
size: "Size",
color: "Color",
title: "Title",
text: "Text",
image: "Image",
fill: "Fill",
textProps: "Text",
stroke: "Stroke",

headerText: "Header text",
headerFill: "Header fill",
headerStyle: "Header style",
headerPosition: "Header position",
headerEnable: "Header",
subHeaderRowsEnable: "Subheader rows",
subHeaderColsEnable: "Subheader cols",

positionOptions: {
top: "top",
bottom: "bottom",
left: "left",
right: "right",
switchOptions: {
on: "on",
off: "off",

menuDeleteRow: "Delete row",
menuDeleteCol: "Delete column",
menuMoveColumnRight: "Move column right",
menuMoveColumnLeft: "Move column left",
menuMoveRowUp: "Move row up",
menuMoveRowDown: "Move row down",
menuAddRowUp: "Add row up",
menuAddRowDown: "Add row down",
menuAddColumnRight: "Add column right",
menuAddColumnLeft: "Add column left",
menuDelete: "Delete",
menuAddPartner: "Add partner",
menuAddAssistant: "Add assistant",
menuAlignChildrenVertically: "Align children vertically",
menuAlignChildrenHorizontally: "Align children horizontally",

imageUpload: "Click to upload",
emptyState: "Select a shape or a connector"

// the following locale options were added in v5.0
alignHorizontalLeft: "Align left",
alignHorizontalCenter: "Align horizontal centers",
alignHorizontalRight: "Align right",
alignHorizontalDistribution: "Distribute horizontal spacing",
alignVerticalDistribution: "Distribute vertical spacing",
alignVerticalTop: "Align top",
alignVerticalMiddle: "Align vertical centers",
alignVerticalBottom: "Align bottom",

addShape: "Add shape",
menu: "Menu",
remove: "Delete",
addLeftShape: "Add left shape",
addRightShape: "Add right shape",

lineTextAutoPositionEnable: "Enable text autoposition",
lineTextAutoPositionDisable: "Disable text autoposition",
addLineText: "Add text",
addColumnLast: "Add column",
addRowLast: "Add row",
copy: "Duplicate",
connect: "Connect",
removePoint: "Delete point",


dhx.i18n.setLocale("diagram", locale);

After that, you need to initialize the editor and check how the labels' names have changed.

const editor = new dhx.DiagramEditor("editor_container", {
type: "default" // "default" | "org" | "mindmap"
// other config options

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