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attachContextMenu attaches a context menu to a window icon
attachEvent adds any user-defined handler to available events
attachViewportTo attaches a viewport to an existing object on the page (renders an object as a viewport)
createWindow creates a new window and returns its handler
detachContextMenu detaches a context menu from windows globally or detaches a custom window's menu
detachEvent detaches a handler from an event
enableAutoViewport if set to true, allows an object to adjust the viewport automatically to document.body
findByText returns an array of window handlers found by header text
forEachWindow iterator - goes through all windows and calls a user handler
getBottommostWindow returns the bottommost window
getContextMenu returns the context menu object attached to a window
getEffect returns true, if the effect is enabled
getTopmostWindow returns the topmost window
isWindow checks if a window with the specified id exists
setEffect sets a visual effect
setImagePath sets path to the directory where used images are located
setSkin changes window's skin
setViewport sets a user-defined viewport
unload unloads an object and clears memory
window returns a window instance (dhtmlXWindowsCell object) found by id
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