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onAllOpenDynamic fires when all sub levels is loaded and opened
onBeforeCheck fires before an item is checked/unchecked
onBeforeContextMenu fires before the moment when a context menu appears on the right mouse click
onBeforeDrag fires when the item's dragging starts (the item is selected and the mouse is moving)
onCheck fires immediately after an item in the tree has been checked/unchecked
onClick fires when the text part of a tree item is clicked, but after the default onClick functionality has been processed
onDblClick fires right after a tree item has been double clicked, but before the default onDblClick functionality has been processed
onDrag fires when the item was dragged and dropped on some other item, but before item's moving has been processed
onDragIn fires when the item is dragged over some target the item can be dropped to
onDrop fires when drag-and-drop has already been processed; besides, fires when the nodes are moved programmatically
onEdit fires on 4 different stages of the editing process (see the details)
onEditCancel event occurs after cancelling edit by Escape key or other means
onKeyPress fires after each key press when tree is in focus
onMouseIn fires when the mouse pointer is hovered over an item
onMouseOut fires when the mouse pointer is moved out of item's area
onOpenDynamicEnd fires after the item defined in the openItemsDynamic() method opens
onOpenEnd fires right after an item in the tree has become open
onOpenStart fires right when an item in the tree starts to open, but before this item has opened
onRightClick fires when the user clicks the right mouse button
onSelect fires when selection in the tree was changed
onXLE fires when the data loading is finished and a component or data is rendered
onXLS fires when XML loading started
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