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attachEvent adds any user-defined handler to available events
detachEvent detaches a handler from an event
disable disables dhtmlxSlider
disableTooltip disables a slider's tooltip
enable enables dhtmlxSlider
enableTooltip enables/disables a tooltip
getMax returns current maximal value of a slider
getMin returns current minimal value of a slider
getRunnerIndex returns the index of the active runner
getStep returns the slider's step value
getValue returns the current value of a slider control
hide hides dhtmlxSlider
init initialization of dhtmlxSlider object
isEnabled returns "true" if the slider is enabled
isVisible returns "true" if the slider is visible
linkTo links the slider to other controls
setImagePath sets the path to the folder with images
setMax sets the maximal value for a slider
setMin set the minimal value for a slider
setOnChangeHandler sets the function called when the slider's value is changed
setSize sets the size of the slider control
setSkin sets skin for the Slider control
setStep sets a new step value for the slider
setValue sets the current value of a slider control
show shows dhtmlxSlider
unload destructor, unloads dhtmlxSlider
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