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alignCenter centres the selected text
alignJustify makes text to take the entire space available
alignLeft aligns selected text along the left margin
alignRight aligns selected text along the right margin
applyBold makes the selected part of text bold
applyH1 applies H1 to selected block of text
applyH2 applies H2 to selected block of text
applyH3 applies H3 to selected block of text
applyH4 applies H4 to selected block of text
applyItalic makes the selected text italic
applyStrikethrough makes selection strikethrough
applySub applies subscript
applySuper applies superscript
applyUnderscore makes the selected text underlined
attachEvent adds any user-defined handler to available events
clearFormatting clears the specified text formatting
createBulList creates bullet list
createNumList creates numbered list
decreaseIndent decreases indent of text block
detachEvent detaches a handler from an event
getContent gets HTML content of the editor document
increaseIndent increases indent of text block
setContent sets content to editor document
setContentHTML sets content from the html document to editor document
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