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add adds a data item to the dataview
attachEvent adds any user-defined handler to available events
changeId changes the id of an item
clearAll removes all data from DataView and repaints the component
copy creates a copy of an item
customize customizes the currently active template by replacing default properties with the one from provided object
dataCount returns the total count of items in the dataview
define configures some mode of DataView
destructor destructs the DataView object
detachEvent detaches a handler from an event
edit switches the specified item to the edit state
exists returns true if the item with the defined ID already exists
filter filters DataView by the provided parameters
first returns the ID of the first item (item with the index == 0)
get gets the object of the data item with the specified id
getSelected returns the currently selected ID
idByIndex returns the ID of the item with the specified index
indexById returns the index of the item with the specified ID
isEdit gets the status of the edit operation
isSelected returns true, if an item is selected
last returns the ID of the last item (the item with the index == dataCount-1)
load loads data to the component via XML or JSON, usually data-values pairs
locate returns an item's ID by HTML event (checks if any item is in the area of HTML event)
move moves an item to the defined position
moveBottom sets an item as the last item in the view
moveDown changes the index of an item by moving it to the end of the view by the defined count of steps
moveTop sets an item as the first item in the view
moveUp changes the index of an item by moving it to the start of the view by the defined count of steps
next returns ID of the next item (item with the index == current + 1)
parse parses an object or a string and fills the dataview with the parsed items
previous returns ID of the previous item (item with the index == current - 1)
refresh repaints an item or the whole dataview
remove removes a data item from the dataview
select marks an item as selected
selectAll selects all items in the dataview
serialize serializes component back to json
set associates the hash of data with some ID
show adjusts the scrollbars of dataview to make the item in question visible
sort adds any user-defined handler for available events
stopEdit if there was some item in the edit state, this command switches it back to the normal state
unselect removes selection from a certain item
unselectAll removes selection from all the items in the dataview
update updates a particular item in the dataview
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