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onAfterAdd occurs after an item is added to datastore
onAfterDelete called after an item is deleted
onAfterRender called after view was repainted
onAfterSort occurs after a dataset is sorted
onBeforeAdd occurs before an item is adding to datastore
onBeforeContextMenu called on right mouse click
onBeforeDelete fired before an item is deleted
onBeforeRender called before a chart is re-painted
onBeforeSort invokes before a dataset is sorted
onItemClick occurs when an item is clicked
onItemDblClick called when an item is double-clicked
onLegendClick fires on clicking a legend item
onMouseMove occurs when mouse pointer is pointed over an item
onMouseMoving fires when mouse pointer is moved over a chart
onMouseOut called when the mouse pointer is moved out of item area
onXLE fires when the data loading is finished and a component or data is rendered
onXLS fires when XML loading started
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