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fires when the data loading is finished and a component or data is rendered

void onXLE();


var myComponent = new dhtmlXComponent();
myComponent.attachEvent("onXLS", function(){
    // before loading started
    // your code here
myComponent.attachEvent("onXLE", function(){
    // after loading ended and data rendered (before user's callback)
    // your code here
function doOnLoad() {
    // callback, optional
    // called after loading ended and data rendered (after onXLE)
myComponent.load("server/data.json", doOnLoad);
// or
myComponent.loadStruct("server/config.json", doOnLoad);


used in load() and loadStruct()

load() usually loads data into component (for example menu or grid rows)

loadStruct() usually loads data to init component (for example tabs config for tabbar)

callback order: onXLS event => [request] => onXLE event => doOnLoad()

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