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fires before an item is dragged to another target and the mouse button is released

boolean onBeforeDrop(object context,Event object ev);
contextobjectcontext object
evEvent objectnative HTML event
booleantrue - to trigger the default action, false - to block it


myList.attachEvent("onBeforeDrop", function (context,ev){
    // your code here
    return true;

  • context.start - ID of an item from which the dragging process started
  • context.source - array of the dragged IDs (drag source)
  • - ID of the target item (drop target)
  • context.from - a list object to which the dragged item belongs
  • - a list object to which the drop target belongs
  • context.index - an index in the target list at which a new item will be added
  • context.new_id - an id which will be used for the moved item (actual only while moving between different lists)

The event is blockable, returning false will block the default action.

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