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attaches a status bar to a cell

obj attachStatusBar( [object conf] );
confobjectoptional, status bar init params
objstatus bar object


/* conf param properties */
    text:   "Text", // status bar init text
    height: 20,     // status bar init height
    paging: true    // (optional) true to use for grid paging
/* init/attach status bar */
// default behavior
var sbObj = dhxComponent.cells(id).attachStatusBar();
// with text
var sbObj = dhxComponent.cells(id).attachStatusBar({text: "Loading..."});
// with text and custom height
var sbObj = dhxComponent.cells(id).attachStatusBar({text: "Loading...", height: 30});
/* operations with status bar object */
// set text
sbObj.setText("Page was successfully loaded");
// get text
var text = sbObj.getText();


Since version 4.1 toolbar can be attached into statusbar in order to be used for paging in grid:

// first attach status bar
    text:   "<div id='pagingArea'></div>",
    paging: true
// then init paging in grid
myGrid.enablePaging(true, 9, 3, "pagingArea");
Change log
  • conf param was added in version 4.0
  • paging:true added in 4.1
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