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occurs when the user adds a file to the upload queue

void onFileAdd(object file){ ... };


fileobjectan object with file details


myVault.attachEvent("onFileAdd", function(file){     
    // file is an object with details
        id:                 123,            // int, internal file ID
        name:               "fname.ext",    // string, filename detected by browser
        serverName:         "fname2.ext",   // string, filename returned by server
        lastModifiedDate:   Date,           // date object if retrieved (1)
        size:               132500,         // int, file size in bytes
        uploaded:           true,           // boolean, true/false
        error:              false           // boolean, error while uploading, if any
    // your code here   

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This API page is for Vault v2.5. Please go to to see API reference for the current version of dhtmlxVault.

  • size in html4 mode is available only after the file has been uploaded
  • serverName is available only after the file has been uploaded
  • (1) works in html4/html5/flash modes, Chrome/Opera/Safari/FF/IE11/IE10
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Change log
  • added in version 2.0
  • lastModifiedDate attribute added in 2.3
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