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hides the specified tab

void hide( [string|number|boolean actvId] );


actvIdstring|number|boolean(optional) if the specified tab is selected - selects another tab, default true, see details


var myTabbar = new dhtmlXTabBar("parentId");
myTabbar.addTab("a1", "Rage", null, null, true);
myTabbar.addTab("a2", "Motorhead");
myTabbar.addTab("a3", "Poisonblack");
myTabbar.tabs("a1").hide(); // hide a1 and select a2
// or
myTabbar.tabs("a1").hide("a3"); // hide a1 and select a3
// or
myTabbar.tabs("a1").hide(false); // hide a1 and do not select any tab


If actvId set to true - tries to select the nearest tab, false - selects nothing. You can also specify id of the tab to be selected.

Change log

added in version 4.0

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