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returns dhtmlXTabBarCell instance (ribbon's tab)

dhtmlXTabBarCell tabs(string|number id);
idstring|numbertab id
dhtmlXTabBarCelldhtmlXTabBarCell instance


var myRibbon = new dhtmlXRibbon("parentId");
myRibbon.addTab("a1", "Rage", null, null, true);
myRibbon.addTab("a2", "Motorhead");
// getting tab
var tab = myRibbon.tabs("a1");
// attaching something
var myGrid = tab.attachGrid();
// the same but shorter
var myGrid = myRibbon.tabs("a1").attachGrid();


Used to attach content, menu/toolbar/status, show/hide progress, perform some tabs operations

Please, check dhtmlXTabBarCell API

Change log

added in version 4.0

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