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Migration to v4.1

dhtmlxAjax => ajax

Instead of dhtmlxAjax you should use dhx.ajax for ajax operations. See dhtmlxAjax API for details.

Handling errors

Instead of dhtmlxError.catchError you should use onLoadXMLError handler.


Similar to doXpath in older version of API you can use xmltop and xpath methods

var root = dhx.ajax.xmltop("rows", xml_object);
var nodes = dhx.ajax.xpath(xpath_expression, root_node);
  • "rows" - name of root XML tag
  • xml_object - raw xml object, result of dhx.ajax
  • xpath_expression - path expression used to select nodes or node-sets in XML
  • root_node - node from which XPath will be applied, you can use xmltop to get it
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