returns the value(s) of a cell(s)

string|number|array getValue(string cells);


cellsstringthe id(s) of a cell(s) or a range of cells


string|number|arraythe values of cells


// returning the value of one cell
var cellValue = spreadsheet.getValue("A2"); // "Ecuador"
// returning the values of the range of cells
var rangeValues = spreadsheet.getValue("A1:A3"); // -> ["Country","Ecuador","Belarus"]
// returning the values of different cells
var values = spreadsheet.getValue("A1,B1,C1:C3");
//-> ["Country", "Product", "Price", 6.68, 3.75]


Starting with v4.1, the reference to a cell or range of cells can be specified in the following format:

var cellValue = spreadsheet.getValue("sheet1!A2"); //-> 25000

where sheet1 is the name of the tab.

In case the name of the tab isn't specified, the method will return the value(s) of the cell(s) from the active tab.

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