Migration from 2.1 to 3.0

This article will help you to migrate from the previous version 2.1 where dhtmlxSpreadSheet was PHP-based to the totally renewed version 3.0 in which the component is totally built on JavaScript. Check the list below to explore all the changes.

2.1 -> 3.0

The API of version 2.1 is still available, but it is incompatible with the API of version 3.0.

Changed API

Removed API

SpreadSheet class

  • getCell
  • getCells
  • isCell
  • setSheetId


calculate getCoords setBgColor
exists getValidator setBold
getAlign isBold setColor
getBgColor isIncorrect setItalic
getCalculatedValue isItalic setLocked
getColIndex parseStyle setValidator
getColName serializeStyle
getColor setAlign
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