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Optional. Enables/disables editing, adding, selecting, dragging the cards


readonly?: boolean;
readonly?: {
edit?: boolean,
add?: boolean,
select?: boolean,
dnd?: boolean


To configure the readonly mode, you can use the short or extended parameters.

The short parameter:

  • readonly - (optional) enables/disables readonly mode of Kanban

The extended parameters:

  • readonly - (optional) an object with extended settings. Here you can specify the following parameters:
    • edit - (optional) enables/disables editing of the cards
    • add - (optional) enables/disables adding of the new cards
    • select - (optional) enables/disables selecting of the cards
    • dnd - (optional) enables/disables dragging of the cards

Default config

readonly: false // readonly mode is disabled
readonly: {
edit: true, // editing is enabled
add: true, // adding is enabled
select: true, // selecting is enabled
dnd: true // dragging is enabled


new kanban.Kanban("#root", {
readonly: {
edit: false, // disable editing
add: true, // enable adding
select: false, // disable selecting
dnd: true // enable dragging
// other parameters

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