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Hotkey list

In this section you will find a set of hotkeys you can use while creating a diagram in the editor:

Alt+1Allows you to hide/show Shapebar (default mode only)
Alt+2Allows you to hide/show Editbar
Alt+2Allows you to hide/show Grid Area
Ctrl+Z (CMD+Z)Allows you to revert the latest action
Ctrl+Shift+Z (CMD+Shift+Z)Allows you to return to the canceled action
Ctrl+D (CMD+D)Allows you to duplicate a selected element
Ctrl+C (CMD+C)Allows you to copy a selected element (default mode only)
Ctrl+V (CMD+V)Allows you to paste a selected element (default mode only)
Ctrl+Alt+C (CMD+Alt+C)Allows you to copy the style of the selected item (applicable for elements of one essence)
Ctrl+Alt+V (CMD+Alt+V)Allows you to apply a copied style to the selected item (applicable for elements of one essence)
Ctrl+A (CMD+A)Allows you to select all items
Ctrl+Shift+A (CMD+Shift+A)Allows you to unselect all selected items
Ctrl+Mousewheel (CMD+Mousewheel)Allows you to increase/decrease the scale value
Shift+Left ClickAllows you to add an item to the list of selected items
Alt+Left ClickAllows you to unselect the selected item
Delete (Del)Allows you to delete an item(s)
Arrow-Top / Arrow-Bottom / Arrow-Left / Arrow-RightAllows you to move the selected items