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iterates through child items of a control

eachChild(id: string | number, callback: function, direct?: boolean, checkItem?: (item: object) => boolean): void;


  • id: string - the ID of a control
  • callback: function - the function that will be applied to every child of the item. The function takes three parameters:
    • item: object - required, the object of an item
    • index: number - optional, the index of an item
    • array: object[] - optional, an array with items
  • direct: boolean - optional, defines whether the function should iterate through all children (of any level) of the specified item. If false, the function will iterate only through the first-level children of the item; true by default.
  • checkItem: function - optional, the function that defines whether the callback function can be applied to the item. The function takes an object of a data item as a parameter and returns a boolean value.

Example"menu_1", item => {
// disable items
item.$disabled = true;