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Optional. An object with settings to define which controls should be shown/hidden in the toolbar of the editor


controls?: {
apply?: boolean,
reset?: boolean,
export?: boolean,
import?: boolean,
autoLayout?: boolean,
historyManager?: boolean,
editManager?: boolean,
scale?: boolean,
gridStep?: boolean


The controls object contains the following parameters:

  • apply - (optional) enables/disables the Apply All button
  • reset - (optional) enables/disables the Reset Changes button
  • export - (optional) enables/disables the Export Data button
  • import - (optional) enables/disables the Import Data button
  • autoLayout - (optional) enables/disables the Auto Layout button (in the default mode of the editor only)
  • historyManager - (optional) enables/disables the Undo and Redo buttons
  • editManager - (optional) enables/disables the Edit Mode button
  • scale - (optional) enables/disables the Zoom group of buttons
  • gridStep - (optional) enables/disables the Grid Step sidebar option in the right panel of the editor

Default config

controls: {
apply: true,
reset: true,
export: true,
import: true,
autoLayout: true,
historyManager: true,
editManager: true,
scale: true,
gridStep: true


const editor = new dhx.DiagramEditor("editor_container", {
controls: {
import: true,
export: true,
gridStep: false,
autoLayout: false,
apply: false,
reset: false

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