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Editor properties overview

autoplacementOptional. An object with configuration settings for auto-placement of shapes
controlsOptional. An object with settings to define which controls should be shown/hidden in the toolbar of the editor
defaultsOptional. An object which sets the default configuration of a shape or line
editModeOptional. Hides/shows the left/right panels of the editor
gapPreviewOptional. Specifies the space between the items rendered in the left panel
gridStepOptional. Sets the size of a grid step that defines the step of moving an item
itemsDraggableOptional. Enables/disables dragging the item from one parent item to another
lineConfigOptional. An object with default configuration for the newly added connector lines
lineGapDeprecated! Optional. Sets the distance to the right-angled bend of a connector line
magneticOptional. Defines whether snap lines should be shown when moving a shape. If so, allows configuring their appearance
reservedWidthOptional. Defines the left offset for the diagram
scaleOptional. Defines the diagram editor scale
scalePreviewOptional. Defines the scale of items rendered in the left panel of the editor
shapeBarWidthOptional. Sets the width of the left panel of the editor
shapeSectionsOptional. An object which specifies sections of items that will be shown in the left panel of the editor
shapeToolbarOptional. Defines which controls should be shown in the personal toolbar of diagram items
shapeTypeOptional. The type of the items
typeRequired. Specifies the mode of the diagram editor