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The property is available only in the default mode of the editor (type:"default")


Optional. Specifies the space between the items rendered in the left panel


gapPreview?: string | number;

Default config

gapPreview: "6px 8px"
// sets 6px gap for the top and bottom sides and 8px gap for the right and left sides


const editor = new dhx.DiagramEditor("editor_container", {
gapPreview: 10

The value of the gapPreview property can be redefined for a separate shape via the gap attribute of the preview property of the shape object:

const defaults = {card: {
preview: {
scale: 0.72,
gap: 2

const editor = new dhx.DiagramEditor("editor_container", {
shapeSections: {
"org chart shapes": ["card", "img-card"],
"flowchart shapes": [true]
scalePreview: 0.65,
defaults: defaults

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